Puppy plans 2018:


E-litter. Planned mating in march.

Lapprikets Senja x ?

Senja has B-hips, eyes ok, prcd-PRA and pompes free


F-litter. Planed mating in october/november.

Lappizaros Malou x ?

Muffy has B-hips, eyes ok, prcd-PRA carrier and pompes free.


G-litter. Planned mating in december.

Pufflingens Lilla Alchemilla x ?

P. Lilla Alchemilla has A hips (hip-score 119) eyes ok, prcd-PRA B, pompes free.


Plans 2019:


H-litter. Planed mating in november.

Pufflingens Briza x ?

P. Briza has B hips. Eyes and prcd-PRA will bee checked soon.