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DK UCH, SE UCH, FI UCH, NORD UCH Lappizaros Malou "Muffy" (or Puffling") Mother of our A-litter, C-litter and F-litter.


ED: 0/0

Eyes: ok ´18

prcd-PRA B


Muffy was born at Lappizaros kennel in Kil, in Värmland, Sweden and is our first Finnish Lapphund. She is an independent and fearless lady with the on-off switch distictive of the breed.

As a puppy, she was somewhat difficult to motivate but has changed a lot since; she has matured and shows a great affection for all the members of our family, animal as well as human. She loves people, especially children. However, she also wants to keep other bitches in their place. She is the best mom of alla bitches, she loves alla puppies (and kittens) and raises them in a lovingly and playful way.

We pursue different activities such as agility and blood tracking. Muffy enjoys everything but most of all agility, Muffy's mistress is not particularly interested in competing so Muffy herself hasn't been trained specifically in this way. However, we have been quite diligent in the show ring and intend to continue in this way.

Please see Muffy's pedigree on SKK's page.

Pufflingens Briza (Lecibsin Kasperi x Lapprikets Senja) who we kept from our B-litter. Our little darling who is my sons dog and lives at home. Briza is a wild track campion and the mother of our F-litter.

Please see her pedigree here.


ED 0/0

Eyes ok ´18

prsc-PRA A

pompes a

CO-OWNED DOGS (Dogs living with other familys on breeding terms):

Pufflingens Lilla Alchemilla, from our A-litter (2014-12-18 Petäjämaan Viksu x Lappizaros Malou) Mother of our D- and G-litter.

Her pedigree HERE


ED 0/0

eyes ok '19

prcd-PRA B

pompes free

Lapinlumon Menninkäinen (Lapinlumon Xensaatio x Terhakan Hutkalas)

Co-owned with Lilla Hamrums kennel and kennel Breaking the Rules

Pedigree HERE


ED 0/0

Eyes ok

prcd-PRA A

pompes a

Pufflingens Cassiope SE14928/2017

(2017-01-17 Mustinkulman Etiäinen

x Lappizaros Malou) from our C-litter. Her pedigree HERE

Mother of our H-litter


eyes ok ´19

ED 0/0

prcd-PRA A

pompes a

Pufflingens Deschampsia SE46086/2017.  (e: Eisenfest Aika Kamu. u: Pufflingens Lilla Alchemilla)


Pufflingens Euphorbia SE11733/2019 (e: Lecibsin Sappa u: Lappizaros Malou)

Pufflingens Filipendula SE15124/2019  (e: Mikälie Naseva u: Pufflingens Briza)

prcd-PRA a

pompes a

Pufflingens Gnistrande Gentiana SE42142/2019 (e: Kjelstruvs Covo u: Pufflingens Lilla Alchemilla)

Pufflingens Hepatica SE57267/2019 (e: Lumikki Erke u: Pufflingens Cassiope)